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Condensed Milk - Helpful tidbits for parents & entrepreneurs

Helpful tidbits for parents and entrepreneurs

Jun 18, 2021

Announcing Our New Site!

WE ARE BACK, POMMOS!! It’s 13 years later, and many American families are still struggling to make ends meet. Now that our children are older and more self-reliant, the plan to return both...Read More

Oct 07, 2015

Our Milk Money has been selected for the 2015 Best of Valencia Award in the Associations/Non-Profits category by the Valencia Award Program!

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Our Milk Money Receives 2015 Best of Valencia Award Valencia Award Program...Read More

Mar 16, 2015


HOW TO GET YOUR KIDS TO LISTEN WITHOUT NAGGING REMINDING OR YELLING! This is what you will learn on the free webinar…Parents of toddlers to teens will learn... - why kids really misbehave...Read More

Mar 16, 2015



Mar 16, 2015

Sign up now to receive your free copy of the Career Parent Toolkit!

Filled with resources especially for the Parent who is looking to make a career change that will support your choice to stay at home! This toolkit features small business start-up resources, helpful...Read More

Mar 16, 2015

Find us on the iHeart Radio Library!

  This Little Parent Stayed Home is back.... ...and our show is breaking MORE new ground than ever before!! Currently, all of our shows are being uploaded to our new platform on iHEART RADIO....Read More

Mar 12, 2015

Article Marketing

  Article Marketing is a great tool to use when it comes to adding traffic to your site. If you are not familiar with what it is, Article Marketing is simply writing articles and submitting...Read More

Mar 12, 2015

New Social Media Tools Are Here!

Members, Its time to update your profiles!! Thanks to our new volunteer WebMaster, Anna Marie Martin, we are now able to find you on your Social Media Profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked...Read More

Mar 12, 2015

The Daddy's Den: Where Fathers Go To Be Funny

  Loud and Proud   T.G.I.M. Phew.  Man, I’m exhausted. It’s been rough and I struggled to get through it, but I made it to my favorite day...Read More

Dec 06, 2011

We must be doing something right! Read what others are saying about us...

 Testimonials / Quotes Read our reviews on iTunes! "I had the pleasure of hearing the FAB Ally Freund Loprete speak this past weekend, and I was truly touched. Ally is a beautiful...Read More

Helpful tidbits for parents and entrepreneurs

Dec 06, 2011
We must be doing something right! Read what others are saying about us...

 Testimonials / Quotes

Read our reviews on iTunes!

"I had the pleasure of hearing the FAB Ally Freund Loprete speak this past weekend, and I was truly touched. Ally is a beautiful Spirit and her spunky soul burst on that stage and delivered a powerful message-- anything is possible, commitment and courage always wins, mommies are the new entrepreneurial geniuses! I am not a mommy personally, but the message Ally spoke of is a Universal one-- we can create our desires when we tune into our truth and act on it. I totally fell in love with Ally's raw, real style. You could feel her authenticity pulsing through the room. If you want a powerful, honest, beautiful, heart-centered speaker-- grab Ally Freund Loprete for your event!"

Christina Dunbar
CEO of The Power Goddess, co-creator of the Bye Bye Good Girl movement


"Ally's inspiring, creative joy is contagious :) In essence she is giving parents permission to balance home life with creative contributions to their communities that support the family unit as a whole. She encourages partnership and communication with everyone involved which is key to all healthy, honest relationships. Just listening sets your mind afire with inspiring ideas. Enjoyed this immensely and will pass it on. Thanks Ally!"

Trish Dennison, MindWorks


"I 've struggled to be able to provide care for our kids at home. It was worth every hurdle and every sleepless night. We're proud to be a part of this new dynamic of entrepreneurial parenting!"

Nicole Winter, CN Administration


"This is a really great website for work-at-home parents and I wish I would have known about it sooner. "

Lorita Aiken, Pre-Paid Legal


"I am very excited to be a part of your organization and want to help in any way I can to promote this website.  Even before the economy flatlined, I knew many moms that cried inside every day they had to drop their little ones off at the daycare center knowing how much they would miss while they were giving their best to make their bosses wealthy.  It's time we take that effot and those talents and put them into our own businesses.  I love what you are doing."

Janet Summerfelt, Reliv

"I was just recently introduced to this "This Little Parent Stayed Home" and tuned in to one of the live radio shows.  It was great!  The show along with the "Our Milk Money" website are fantastic resources for those who already have work from home businesses as well as those considering them.  It's always motivating to me to be able to connect with other parents who share the same goals and face similar obstacles.  They are two forums that offer opinions and advice on subjects that relate to the issues, as well as the joys, of being a homebased business parent.  Thank you Ally and your team for all you do!"

Rosemarie Kahn, Avon Representative


"I LOVE the radio show! How great of you to put yourself out there, embrace it...and share it with so many who can relate. You have "normalized" a bit of our human~ness...the pieces of ourselves that make us so dang human...and imperfect...and I think that is just PERFECT in and of itself! So REAL! Enjoyed your show! Thanks!"

Wendy Young, Kidlutions

"I believe (Our Milk Money) is a vehicle for belief and ultimately, that - BELIEF - is what a person needs to be successful - the belief that they can do it. Having a wide variety of self employed people gives others hope. Having tools & resources give people hope. Having humor gives people hope. Add a super bonus of a hard working, enthusiastic, committed Ally Loprete into the mix and they truly have a winning site that they must belong to and a community that they can not live without."

Mona Colwell
Ind. Sales Director, Mary Kay Inc


"The amount of passion and care devoted to Our Milk Money by both Ally and Kelli is simply amazing.  It is obvious how much they care about their website.  As soon as I joined, it was a nuturing (motherly) experience. I was welcomed online and even with a greeting card that came in my mailbox!  Their goals are simple and well directed....make Moms successful in both their business and their home life. And, I believe they are meeting those goals for many including myself. I love the way they think outside the box and eagerly promote so many of our items and even offer freebies to help introduce one another's businesses. Thank you so much to both of you!"
Karen Kanefsky
Sr. Manager - Send Out Cards -


"Our Milk Money is a wonderful way to integrate a community of self-employed working parents. Behind every company listed on the site is a stay-at-home parent who chooses to not only raise their children, but also support their family financially. As a mother of two young boys and a stay-at-home business owner, it's important to know that when I'm purchasing from a company featured on the site, I'm also helping to support their loved ones. And in this economy, every penny counts!"
Jen Parker
Jen Parker Photography -


“I was very excited to become part of OMM when I started California Kids Consignment 2 years ago. I was able to connect to the concept of wanting income and having a stay at home parent for my kids. The income from California Kids Consignment is supplemental, but all for my kids. I’m able to pay for summer camp and activities that they like to participate in such as karate, gymnastics, and dance with the money from my part time business. The business is still in it’s infancy, but thanks to OMM I’m able to network with POMMOS and other entrepreneurs to have my business grow. We’re able to have one parent stay at home full time, which is my husband, Kirk, while I work as a Literacy Coach. What I especially like about OMM/POMMOS is that Ally and Kelly have fun marketing. I love the monthly newsletters and the contest each month. I was a winner one month and got to sample some great products from the sponsoring business. When I shop, I look at the directory to see who I can support in their effort to support their family.”
Theresa Stauffer
California Kids Consignment


"Our Milk Money was an inexpensive way to get the word out about our business and my recent book.  I'm a stay at home Dad and run a film and comedy website out of our garage with a partner. Gosh, that's almost a cliche now.  When my book PACIFY ME: A HANDBOOK FOR THE FREAKED OUT NEW DAD came out Ally and Kelli were very supportive and really made me feel like I was part of the community of stay at home working parents. Sales of my book increased using the various tools and services available at OMM and I was able to steer some extra traffic to the website. So I really recommend it. And dudes, the site isn't just for the ladies!"
Chris Mancini
Co-founder of


"I personally find this site to be a fantastic networking resource that not only exposes you to moms with great ideas and products, but a great way to support these women that I know are in the same boat as myself."
Melissa Holihan


"What a great concept Our Milk Money is - particularly during a tough economy. Finding an organization that is focused on helping families through the tough times is critically important. Our Milk Money has done a fantastic job of bringing together a diverse collection of businesses that are all focused on supporting their families."
Melanie McShane


"We love personal touch... We are so glad you are here and your website is awesome. I highly recommend any woman (or man) in business to contact you and advertise with It is inexpensive and terrific!! Thanks for reminding us that supporting one another's small businesses' is the way to go. We need to care, share and dare to be better every day. Thanks for being a part of our great community."
Dawn Billings
CEO & Founder of The Heart Link Network


“Being a member of Our Milk Money is a must have for the self-employed parent. Not only are you instantly connected to a consumer market, but you are also connected to a support system that goes above and beyond the usual network group. You also have the support of affordable marketing and advertising resources and a management team that is dedicated to your success. In addition, as a shopper and business owner when you purchase goods or services from a member, you know your purchase goes directly to support a family.” 
Maureen Daniels
Owner of Online Shopping Boutique


"Why choose Our Milk Money over the many other directories Online? As a business owner I have been approached by countless websites and businesses wanting my advertising dollars. Most of these folks have no idea who I am or what I am about. They typically don't even know my name, although they claim to have looked over my website. At OMM the owners are invested in what they are doing and they WANT the advertisers to succeed. They want to help promote me and see my business grow. Their hearts are invested for the sake of the parents advertising with them - in my opinion that is the underlying difference between a mediocre company and a great one."
Shara Lawrence-Weiss
Owner of and Co-Owner of

"I love OMM and seeing how creative people can be. I love the concept of parents helping each other out. Both Ally and Kelly are brilliant for making this happen and I feel proud to be part of it. Thank you both!!"
Nancy Schier
Spiceybrain Designs


"As part of our marketing strategy, Peak Models & Talent strives to link up with strong partners to increase brand awareness. is a groundbreaking arena for any business seeking to create awareness while providing a forum for parents who share a common first.
As a consumer, I look forward to supporting other parents by using products and services listed on, and as a business owner I am proud to be a part of something I know will benefit the most wonderful aspect of everyone's"
Natasha Duswalt
Owner of Peak Models and Talent  and Melaleuca

"Our Milk Money is a godsend to my family.  I'm a busy business owner trying to help my four year old son recover from autism.  I don't have time or money to waste.  Our Milk Money has successfully gotten me in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands of prospective clients for literally pennies.  Our Milk Money isn't just a phenomenal investment, it's a gift."
Shannon Penrod
Owner of Star Service DVD Solutions

"As a parent, and small business owner, it can be tough to find the time to market my products to the general public.  When I was introduced to Our Milk Money, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it because of the dedication of its creators and its potential to effortlessly expand my marketing base.  Because of the importance of supporting, not just women or mom-owned businesses but parent-owned businesses, Our Milk Money is a absolute must as it is a premiere reference for the public looking for these types of businesses."
Lisa Smith
Owner/CEO Regionz Kidz


"Not only is the site user friendly, but the concept is scratches my itch to give business to Mom & Pop rather than the large, emotionless corporations that try to run this free enterprise system in our great country."
Martin Freund Owner of MARTICA

"This site is providing a great service for anyone who supports putting family first. It looks great and is easy to navigate. I LOVE the dad's forum! Chris is hilarious!"
Lacie Burk


 "I believe that Our Milk Money is the support that all parent-owned businesses have longed for. As a single parent of four beautiful children, I struggled between being part of the "professional world" while maintaining the ever-so-important relationships with my children at home. Owning my own business, while working from home, enables me to make EVERY soccer game, EVERY baseball game, EVERY field trip and EVERY cry when a child is home sick. Our Milk Money puts parents first. Its mission is incredible - bring back the day when a parent could be there for every moment a child needs him/her. The support is remarkable and every parent involved knows that nobody is alone. Together we are building a family - a family who values each other's worth, both strengths and weaknesses, and stands together to accomplish what we believe in. Every child deserves the chance to have us there. Together we are going to change the world."
Lisa Lange
Owner of Reading About

"I am proud to be associated with this website, which enables me to balance my time between being a business person without sacrificing my time with my children."
Monika Cheang
Owner of

“Our Milk Money is vital to the Work at Home Parenting Network. New and Innovative - this site brings to the public an awareness of service along with an outstanding resource for connection, growth and products." 
Sandra Beck
Motherhood Incorporated USA

"What a refreshing new way for my stay at home family business to market itself exclusively and professionally.  I have friends from every demographic who are using OMM to do their shopping because they know they are supporting people like me. "
Liz Saller, owner MYORGREENICS


Reviews on This Little Parent Stayed Home

Wonderful for Every Parent
by KatyMcC

Ally offers sage advice for parents and truly the most easy to follow directions on how to come home and be with your family while still being able to help support the. Thank goodness for Ally!

Great Show!
by William Isaiah

Ally Loprete is truly revolutionary!  A mover and a shaker, this girl is determined to get things done for our generation and for our children.  If you want to get inspired, adn feel like the choices that you make every single day can have an impact on the society we live in...listen to this show.  It’s gets better each week.

Love it!
by Beth E

Ally’s energy is infectious and her mission to bring 1,000,000 parents home is awesome! A true inspiration, everytime I listen!!!~

by Phyllis

LOVE listening to Ally’s shows!  Her shows are amazing! Ally is so energetic, full of life, and motivating!!!! LOVE it!

Inspiring and Entertaining
by Companyboy

Whether you’re a parent or not, you cannot help but be inspired, motivated, and especially entertained by this show. Ms. Loprete is such an energetic and knowledgeable host. She obviously cares very deeply about helping parents fulfill their dreams and her passion and enthusiasm is infectious. She unapologetically tackles any subject whether is be religion or politics, but she never strays from her mission and you can hear how much fun she is having. I would recommend this show to everybody. It just makes you smile, feel positive and most importantly gives you hope.

Ally! *****
by Sharon Davis

You are fabulous, girl! This is such a great show--your enthusiasm is infectious and your honesty is inspiring. I look forward to listening each week.

Delighted to find this show on iTunes
by LouiseASL

I have been a fan of Ally Loprete for quite some time. And now I am so excited that she has brought her great ideas to the radio. I hope many more people will discover this dynamo of a mom and all her super guests!

5 stars! *****
by Ur #1 fan!!!!!!!!

Ally is great and so is her show. Definitely worth downloading and listening! Kepp up the great work!

There is Proof in this Pudding
by GPM04

I’ve become so hooked on this show!  Ally Loprete has a way about her that assures you that in additional to sincerely caring, you know exactly what she cares about. Ally takes on not one, but TWO subjects which are highly emotional in today’s family unit landscape: Parenting and Family Income. In fact, this is a refreshing show that provides parents with solid information on how to maximize their business ideas while working from home and REALLY PARENTING their children at the same time. I particularly enjoy hearing about the progress of a caller named Katy, who has some great tasting cookies and needed some input on how to market them while she stays home to parent her children.  In just three weeks, Ally’s marketing advice has inspired Katy to give her cookie business such a positive momentum that I chuckled to hear Katy gleefully complain about how fast things are starting to happen. Thanks for your inspired efforts, Ally.  I’m looking forward to hearing that smiling voice on your next show. (And Katy...send me some of those cookies!)

Pure Genius - Funny, Informative and Timely!
by Jemsmama

I love this show! Ally gives great suggestions so you can stay home with your kids and not lose your crackers, your sense of self or the roof over your head. And she’s funny to boot. I love how excited she gets about parents being able to network and stay at home.  She’s on a mission and I’m with her!

Don’t miss this show!
by Debbie G

Ally is truly inspirational to all parents raising children. I love her show!

There’s encouragement out there- it’s on this show!
by wtrlily

Ally is one informed and dedicated lady with a special point of view! In this day and age we can all use the help she offers. She is funny and authentic, a winning combination. Her mission to bring home 1 million parents makes me tune in each week!  Her tips will not only support you, they help inform the world about how to live their dreams, wishes and desires, and you can’t beat that!

I love this show!
by crazypurpy
I love listening to Ally. She really inspires me to build my business and be a successful work at home parent. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful Show!
By Fabulous New Mom
Every Parent should listen to this show!! The guests are just great and the topics taught me things I thought I knew but didn't!! I look forward to this show each week and have passed in on to all of my friends!!! And Ally Loprete is just wonderful!!!

I LOVE this show!
by Inventor of gLovies
Wow--to be validated with my decision to be a WAHM is empowering. Trust me, you will never second guess yourself again about your decision to be home with your kids while earning a living. Thanks for being such an enjoyable, exciting host. I love your show, Ally.

Love it! Love it! Love it!
by Taylorsmommyh
Ally is so passionate about her mission and you can't help but get swept up in her enthusiasm.  What a fun show on a very important topic. Anyone who wants to be home with their children needs to listen to this show!

Ally thinks outside of the box!
by Cr8vCoach
Whether the topic is parenting, business, time and energy challenges, or just plan fun, I love Ally's creative out of the box thinking. What I enjoy most about Ally's show is the authentic, energetic approach that she takes to like- its' contagious. Ally is a great example of a mindset that embraces that we can have it all, and that parenting is not a blockl to having it all, but part of the dream. Even though my kids are grown, I enjoy listening to this show because the mission is so important and its the place where I can keep my finger on the pulse of its progress. I agree with Ally- Let's bring parents home and create an economy that won't let us down!






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