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Our Milk Money : FAQs
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Condensed Milk - Helpful tidbits for parents & entrepreneurs

Helpful tidbits for parents and entrepreneurs

Jun 18, 2021

Announcing Our New Site!

WE ARE BACK, POMMOS!! It’s 13 years later, and many American families are still struggling to make ends meet. Now that our children are older and more self-reliant, the plan to return both...Read More

Oct 07, 2015

Our Milk Money has been selected for the 2015 Best of Valencia Award in the Associations/Non-Profits category by the Valencia Award Program!

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Our Milk Money Receives 2015 Best of Valencia Award Valencia Award Program...Read More

Mar 16, 2015


HOW TO GET YOUR KIDS TO LISTEN WITHOUT NAGGING REMINDING OR YELLING! This is what you will learn on the free webinar…Parents of toddlers to teens will learn... - why kids really misbehave...Read More

Mar 16, 2015



Mar 16, 2015

Sign up now to receive your free copy of the Career Parent Toolkit!

Filled with resources especially for the Parent who is looking to make a career change that will support your choice to stay at home! This toolkit features small business start-up resources, helpful...Read More

Mar 16, 2015

Find us on the iHeart Radio Library!

  This Little Parent Stayed Home is back.... ...and our show is breaking MORE new ground than ever before!! Currently, all of our shows are being uploaded to our new platform on iHEART RADIO....Read More

Mar 12, 2015

Article Marketing

  Article Marketing is a great tool to use when it comes to adding traffic to your site. If you are not familiar with what it is, Article Marketing is simply writing articles and submitting...Read More

Mar 12, 2015

New Social Media Tools Are Here!

Members, Its time to update your profiles!! Thanks to our new volunteer WebMaster, Anna Marie Martin, we are now able to find you on your Social Media Profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked...Read More

Mar 12, 2015

The Daddy's Den: Where Fathers Go To Be Funny

  Loud and Proud   T.G.I.M. Phew.  Man, I’m exhausted. It’s been rough and I struggled to get through it, but I made it to my favorite day...Read More

Dec 06, 2011

We must be doing something right! Read what others are saying about us...

 Testimonials / Quotes Read our reviews on iTunes! "I had the pleasure of hearing the FAB Ally Freund Loprete speak this past weekend, and I was truly touched. Ally is a beautiful...Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Milk Money

What is

Our site is a national search directory of self-employed parents. It is also a community resource dedicated to helping parents who want to stay at home find financial opportunities and support. Our aim is to give parents a choice and to educate consumers on the value of buying from a self-employed parent.

I really like your mission. What can I do to get involved?

In addition to being listed on our directory, the biggest contribution you can make is getting the word out. The success of our site is contingent upon having a diversified selection of goods and services available to the average consumer, as well as knowing how to find us. In a nutshell, the more businesses we have listed, the more consumers will benefit from using our site to do their online searches. We are doing our part to expose our mission and broadcast our service directory to the public, but nothing is as strong as word-of-mouth. Once listed, please tell your friends and family where they can find you, and encourage them to do their online shopping with

Is there a fee?

NO. When we first began we charged an annual membership fee of $25. However, over time we began to feel that this was working against our vision. Currently we are seeking alternative ways to fund the site and keep the mission alive. If you would like to donate to our cause, $25 is the suggested donation.  All listings are now also searchable at both the local and national level.

What is the difference between a major market and a submarket?

A Major market covers a large metropolitan area. A submarket is the smaller areas that make up that area. Because each area of the country is divided differently, this was the best way for us to create a system that would benefit all of our members, depending on the service or products that are being listed.

I don’t see my local area listed as a submarket.

During the application process, you will be prompted to put in your local area. Once several applications have been submitted with the same submarket, it will be added in the system.

What happens once the year is up?

There is no obligation to continue with us once your year is up, however, our hope is that you will be satisfied with what has done for your business and you’ll want to continue with us.

I don’t have a website, or even a company name. Can I still be listed?

Absolutely. Although the concept of Our Milk Money was originally created to accommodate the self-employed parent operating at the local level with less income and therefore less advertising budget, we certainly don’t want to exclude anyone with a business on a broader scale.  As long as you meet the qualifications of being a self-employed parent, you are eligible to list your business or service in our online directory.  

Some examples of what services we’d like to encourage are house cleaning, dog grooming, hair cutting and styling, baking, catering, administrative services, car washing, legal services, event planning, financial services, etc.

I live in a smaller town or city that is outside of what most people would consider a "major market" -- so how can Our Milk Money work for me?

It doesn't matter if you're in a major city or a smaller city or a town. We've built this system to work for EVERYONE.

It became clear to us after receiving so many applications from all corners of the United States (and even some other parts of the world!) that we needed a system that would not exclude anyone from this structure no matter the location.

To accommodate everyone, we have listed the majority of large markets in the U.S. If we find that we need to add new markets based on inquiries, we will do so. We will also approve “sub-markets” associated with these Major Markets through the application process. Therefore, it is up to you, our current members, as well as prospective members to tell us what these submarkets are during the application process. We rely heavily on our members to help us saturate these locations through word of mouth. If only one business is listed in your area, there isn’t much reason for your community to use our database for their searches, so it’s in your best interest to help build your local area. . We will do our best to advertise to all areas of the country and create opportunities for more self-employed parents to find us, but it’s up to you to make a difference in your communities. We will always be available to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Do I have to have to be a parent to list my product or service?

Yes. The purpose of our site is to help businesses run by families with children. There are many other online sites that will help you with your business endeavors, but this one caters only to families, and family owned businesses. 

How is the site funded?

It was important to us that we encompass certain aspects in our site that provide an overall sense of trust and support. We originally charged an annual membership fee but decided it was working against our true integrity and desire to support parents. We have discussed obtaining  financing through advertising dollars from larger companies -- but that still seems contradictory to our mission. Clearly, the companies that can afford those kinds of ads don’t need our help to advertise their products or services. The self-employed parents, with low advertsing budgets do, which is the function of the Our Milk Money search engine. Because our site needs basic funds in order to simply stay operational, we are accepting donations from anyone who wishes to contribute. We are in the process of researching private funding and grants as well as affiliate programming and partnerships.  Because we are successful in attracting a good amount of traffic by consumers, potential members see the value in joining our community, and we believe our site will find the funds it needs to survive.

How can I donate to your cause?

As self-employed parents, you are operating on lower budgets and your income is helping you provide for your families. We want to take as little from that as possible. We recently decided to make our annual membership free. However, if you would like to donate to our cause, we have kept the suggested donation amount at $25. Your donations help us keep the site maintained and growing with each expansion.
If you are unable to afford this suggested donation, please do not let it deter you from being listed in our directory. We hold no judgements on what you may or may not be able to contribute, and we'd rather get your business listed in our directory to enhance the overall mission. Please contact us to discuss other ways you might be able to contribute to your membership.
Can I increase the visibility of my unique product and/or service in the directory by purchasing an ad for an additional cost?
No. We will continue to reject offers (and there have been many) to place larger or more prominent ads in the directory in return for larger fees.
We do however, sell ad spaces on our newsletters and e-mail campaigns. Contact us for pricing.

As a member of Our Milk Money, what can I do to help the site remain successful?

First, let other stay-at-home parents know what we are doing. Because we do not accept larger advertising fees, our membership fees are the only way we generate an income for the site maintenance and it’s promotion. Because each membership is free, we depend on the volume of our memberships to help us maintain a good working directory, as well is give us value in the numbers we receive to promote the directory to the public.

Second, spread the word to ALL of your contacts, whether they are parents or not. Let them know that you are listed on along with many other fantastic products and services across the country and in their city. Encourage everyone to use our search to find what they need. If you would like us to supply you with promotional materials to hand out in your area or with your shipments, we will be happy to provide that for you. Please send an inquiry to

Finally, and most importantly, use to search for your own products and services, and make a conscious effort to make all of your purchases from a self-employed parent.  We can start by setting a good example and practice what we preach. If we commit to making a change, and are successful in that change, others will soon follow.

The basic principle is simple...

By purchasing goods and services you would normally buy, and choosing to purchase them from a parent who is running his or her own business, you are helping a mother or father raise their children! It’s a simple action that you can feel good about.

We want to encourage consumers to make a conscious choice on what products they buy and the economy they’ll be supporting when they make their purchases -- whether they may be every day needs, recurring, or for a special occasion.

This is what Our Milk Money is all about.